Projects associated to my Post-Doc:

- project ACCESSPACE (international project UK, MX, FR)
This project consists in developing an assistive device to help visually impaired peoples for indoor and outdoor navigation. This device must allow the user to integrate his/her surrounding environment to help him/her to move toward a predefined goal or to freely move in the environment. Our models are based on theories of spatial neurocognition, mobility and sensory substitution.

- project NAV-VIR (project PHC Polonium, PL, FR)
This project consists in developing a multi-modal virtual reality system (tactile, audio, visual) to allow a visually impaired user to prepare a journey, eventually assisted by a guide.

- project TETMOST (challenge AUTON CNRS)
This project aims at improving culture access for visually impaired persons, first by developing devices and image simplification models to make it possible to access to pictorial arts (haptic supports and tablets), and then by assisting the navigation in cultural places such as museums.

Key steps of our work and prototypes:

- Navigation systems:
  - preliminary works
a partially bio-inspired system

- Perception systems
tests on ORB-SLAM système
stereovision models

- Haptic interface for space perception
the TactiBelt

- Haptic tablet for image accessibility
first prototype
second prototype