So 20th Century…

This is the personal Website of Pierrick Tranouez. Younger academics, a personal Website is something we used to do at the turn of the century to try to communicate what was important about our work. Homepages we called them too. It may be of a debatable relevance in this age of Google Scholar, Academia and ResearchGate but I will try it anyway. I believe the greater layout freedom of a general Web page allows for a better explanation and description of research.

Later homepages became blogs, but I know I won’t update this page often enough to deserve this name. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are what I use to scratch my everyday communication itches.

OK, </rant>.

For historical reason I have worked on two unrelated research domains, each on different parts of this site.

My elder but still ongoing work consists in trying to build agent-based models of complex systems. My main contributions have been on fluid flow simulation, and then traffic management, including crisis management.

Somewhat more recently, I delved into digital humanities, more precisely document image analysis and augmentation.