Welcome to my page!

I’m a PhD student at the LITIS laboratory working on Deep Learning using polarimetric imaging for the object detection purpose in road scenes in adverse weather conditions through the ICUB project. This thesis is supervised by Samia Ainouz and co-supervised by Stéphane Canu and Fabrice Meriaudeau.

Even if autonomous driving has shown great performances in good weather conditions, some improvements are left to be done when it comes to adverse weather conditions. To palliate this problem, people are starting to use non conventional sensors to enhance road scenes analysis when the visibility is altered.

In the ICUB project, we chose to work on polarimetric imaging because of its ability to characterize an object from its reflection and not only by its color or shape.

On this page you’ll find everything that is related to this project, including our personal polarimetric database and all the publications related to this work.