Welcome to my page! My research interests are shape prior-based image segmentation (applied to medical imaging) and image characterization and classification.

2 page CV (in French)

Contact : caroline.petitjean at univ-rouen.fr

  • News Nov 2016: I defended my « Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches » (accreditation to supervise research). My thesis was entitled « A contribution to the segmentation and classification of medical images »
  • News January 2015 : Our review on cardiac image segmentation is now Medical Image Analysis’s most cited paper since 2011! Edit: now it’s not anymore, since papers are analyzed based on a 5-year window 🙂
  • News Oct 13th, 2014 : The collation paper presenting the RVSC results has now been accepted in Medical Image Analysis!
    Final version is downloadable here: RSCVMedIApaper_finalversion

On Oct 7th 2012, our Challenge on Right Ventricle Segmentation (RVSC) in cardiac MRI took place at MICCAI’12