Welcome to my page! I am a Full Professor at the University of Rouen Normandy (URN).

Research: I am with the LITIS lab, and my research work deals with medical image  analysis with machine learning.

Teaching: I teach courses at both the undergraduate and the graduate level on topics such as digital signal and image processing, statistics, etc. Nothing about teaching on this website. Everything is in our moodle: https://universitice.univ-rouen.fr/ (restricted access).

Contact : caroline.petitjean at univ-rouen.fr


  • Nov 2022: I was invited to a conference-debate on AI and foundation models by the chair LIAvignon.
  • Sept 2022: I am part of MICCAI 2022 Young Scientist Award Committee.
  • May 2022: I gave a talk on to introduce Artificial intelligence to high schoolers, at the Lycée Camille Saint-Saens in Rouen.
  • April 2022: our paper with Zoé Lambert and Carole Le Guyader « Enforcing geometrical priors in deep networks for semantic segmentation applied to radiotherapy planning » has been accepted for publication in JMIV!
  • April 2022: I am an area chair for MICCAI 2022.
  • April 2022: I co-organized a workshop for the « Image » research axis of the FR Normastic with A. Mahoubi (GREYC).
  • April 2022: my PhD student Jing Zhang has defended her PhD: « Biomarker estimation from medical images: segmentation-based and segmentation-free approaches »
  • March 1st: My ANR project MEDISEG has officially started!
  • Feb 2022: We organized a workshop with the GdR ISIS Deep learning with weak or few labels in medical image analysis
  • Feb 2022: I am an Area Chair for the MIDL 2022 (Medical Imaging with Deep Learning) conference.
  • Jan 2022: Our paper entitled « Segmentation-Based vs. Regression-Based Biomarker Estimation: A Case Study of Fetus Head Circumference Assessment from Ultrasound Images » has been published in the Journal of Imaging!
  • Jan 2022: Our preprint on « Effect of Prior-based Losses on Segmentation Performance: A Benchmark » has been released on ArXiv
  • Jan 2022: I will be an Area Chair for the Track « Biomedical Image Analysis and Informatics » at ICPR’22
  • Dec 2021: I am a member of the Conseil Scientifique plénier de l’ENSEA (school of engineering near Paris)
  • Nov 2021: Our joint work with Zoé Lambert and Carole Le Guyader entitled « Enforcing Geometrical and Topological Priors in Deep Networks for Semantic Segmentation Applied to Radiotherapy Planning » has been accepted at the 2022 SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (abstract)
  • Nov 2021: Starting my new mission as a member of the Comité National du CNRS, section 7
  • Oct 2021: I have been appointed Associate Editor of Elsevier’s journal Computer Vision and Image Understanding by EiC Nikos Paragios.
  • Oct 2021: My PhD student Rosana El Jurdi has successfully defending her thesis, congrats Rosana 👏🏻
  • Sept 2021: Happy to announce I have been appointed full professor ☺️!
  • Sept 2021: Participating to MICCAI 2021 as a co-chair of the Image segmentation session.
  • July 2021: I was invited ta make a talk at a workshop on AI-based solutions at ImVIA
  • July 2021: I was featured in MIDL magazine: https://www.rsipvision.com/MIDL2021/18/ (first interview ever 😜)
  • July 2021: our PhD student Rosana El Jurdi (with P. Honeine and F. Abdallah) presented her paper at MIDL’21 on a perimeter-based loss in medical image segmentation.
  • July 2021: I was invited to give a presentation at ImVIA lab during the IA seminar.
  • July 2021: My MediSEG project was accepted for funding by ANR!!!
  • April 2021: my phD student Zoé Lambert (with C. Le Guyader) presenter her paper at ISBI’21 on the integration of geometrical constraints in the loss function for image segmentation.
  • April 2021: I am Challenge Chair and Session Chair at ISBI 2021 (sadly it’s an online event…).
  • March 2021: my PhD student Rosana El Jurdi got her paper accepted at MIDL2021!
  • Feb/March 2021: I have been appointed Area Chair at MICCAI 2021 and MIDL 2021.
  • Jan 2021: Organization of the 3rd GdR ISIS workshop on Covid19 (with C. Lartizien and N. Thome)
  • Dec 2020: I have been appointed Associate Editor for Neurocomputing.
  • Nov 2020: We released our survey on High-level Prior-based Loss Functions for Medical Image Segmentation on ArXiv. This is a joint work with Veronika Cheplygina.
  • Sept 2020: I am now in charge of the 2nd year of our Master program in Data science.
  • Feb 2020: We obtained a UNIQUE-MITACS Globalink Award (mobility scolarship) for our student T. Dargent to do an internship with Pr Ben Ayed at ETS Montréal!
  • Jan 2020: Our project submitted toPHC Van Gogh with Veronika Cheplygina from TUe Eindhoven has been accepted!!