PhD students

[last update: Feb 2023]

Current PhD student co-advisoring

  • Syed Nouman Hasany (2012-2025), co-direction with F. Mériaudeau (ImVIA, University of Bourgogne)

Past PhD student advisoring

  • Zoé Lambert (2019-2022), co-direction with C. Le Guyader (LMI, INSA Rouen)
    Contraintes géométriques et topologiques pour la segmentation d’images médicales : approches hybrides variationnelles et par apprentissage profond
  • Thomas Dargent (2021-2022), co-supervision with F. Yger (Lamsade – Université Paris Dauphine) – undefended
  • Jing Zhang (2018-2022), a CSC student, co-direction with S. Ainouz
    Biomarker estimation from medical images: segmentation-based and segmentation-free approaches
    Jing is now a postdoc at the LATIM, Université de Bretagne Occidentale in Brest.
  • Rosana El Jurdi (2018-2021), cotutelle Université Libanaise, co-direction with Prof P. Honeine and Prof F. Abdallah. Prior-constrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Segmentation. Rosana spent a month at the Eindhoven University of Technology, supervised by Veronika Cheplygina.
    Rosana is now a posdoc at the Brain Institute in Paris.
  • Roger Trullo (2015-2018), co-supervision with Prof S. Ruan. Approche basées sur l’apprentissage en profondeur pour la segmentation des organes à risques dans les tomodensitométries thoraciques.
  • Roger spent a year at the UNC IDEA Group, BRIC at the University of North Carolina in Chapell Hill NC, USA, with Pr Dinggang Shen.
    Now a research engineer in machine learning and image processing at Sanofi, France
  • Sovann En (2013-2016), with S. Nicolas, co-supervision Prof L. Heutte and Prof F. Jurie: Pattern spotting in historical document images
    Now a Computer Vision Research Scientist at Stradigi AI, Montreal Quebec Canada
  • Hongmei Mi, PhD student (2011-2015) (supervision Prof S. Ruan): PDE modeling and feature selection : prediction of tumor evolution and patient outcome in therapeutic follow-up with FDG-PET images
    Now Assistant Professor at the China Jiliang University, Zhejiang, China
  • Damien Grosgeorge, PhD student (2010-2014) (with Prof S. Ruan): Graph cut image segmentation sith shape prior. Application to cardiac MRI.
    Now Head of AI Engineering at Preligens
  • Chesner Désir, PhD student (2008-2013) (with Prof L. Heutte and Prof. L. Thiberville), Automated classication of alveoscopic images
    Now Research engineer at DiabeLoop, Grenoble France