Full Professor in Computer Science                                            Director of the ISEL, Institut Supérieur d’Études Logistiques    Le Havre Normandie University                                                    LITIS research laboratory,Le Havre, France                                Email: andrea-cynthia.duhamel at univ-lehavre.fr



CV hal, French Information System
CV lattes CNPq, Brazilian Information System
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Welcome to Criston Souza who arrived to a sabbatical year in 2023, at the LITIS team, ISEL.  

New volume of the « Cahiers de la logistique »: Circuits cours alimentaires 

Congratulations to Felix Combaud who integrates on Octobre 1st, 2022 the PhD program at the LITIS team.  

Welcome to Alban Maillard who arrived on February  1st, 2022 as a trainee at the LITIS team in the context of his master studies. 

Video of the ANR LIAD Project  


New volume of the « Cahiers de la logistique »: Optimisation des opérations de déblaiement suite aux catastrophes en milieu urbain

Welcome to Felix Combaud who arrived on Octobre 1st, 2021 as Research Enginneer of the LIAD Project.

Octobre 21, 2021. Rencontre régionale de la logistique de circuits courts alimentaires et de proximité à 9h30. 

Welcome to Julien Autuori who arrived on September 15, 2021 for his post-doctoral studies in the LIAD Project.

Welcome to Matheus Haddad who arrived on September 13, 2021 for his post-doctoral studies in the LIS Project.

Launch of the ANR LIAD project on September 01, 2021. A project led by LITIS-RI2C, in partnership with LOMC.