All projects mentionned above I am (was) responsible

Current research projects

  1. DEMATRANS Route (2022-2024)
    Financial support : FNADT and Normandie Région
  2. Industrial projects Chaire LOGIN: MOZART, BIPORT, BIODIV (2022-2024)
    Financial support : Plan de relance, ANR (Research National Agence, France)
  3. LIAD ANR project (2021-2023) : video
    Topic : Optimizing and valorizing sites’ dismantling in the aftermath of industrial disasters in urban areas – A reverse logistics application.
    Financial support : ANR (Research National Agence, France)
  4. ORCI project (2020-2023)
    Topic : Optimization of cleaning residues after industrial disasters.
    Financial support : Région Le Havre Normandie et Le Havre Seine Métropole

Past research projects

  1. LIS project (2020-2022)
    Topic : Logistics operations after industrial disasters.
    Financial support : FEDER-FSE/Haute Normandie
  2. TRIDE project (2018-2021)
    Topic : Rich vehicle routing problems for cleaning a large urban area after major disasters.
    Financial support : Conseil Départemental de l’Aube and FEDER
  3. INNOV’ACTION project AGIR (2016-2018)
    Topic : Support decision system to manage disruptions on road networks.                      Financial support : Champagne-Ardenne Region, Troyes
  4. ODS project  (2015-2018)
    Topic : Models and applications to manage urban network infrastructures
    Financial support : Beijing YuanZhi Tiancheng Technology Co, Chine
  5. OLIC Project (2014-2016)
    Topic : Methods for network rehabilation, work troops scheduling problem and last-mile distribution after major earthquakes.                                                                                 Financial support : CSFRS, Conseil Supérieur de la Formation et de la Recherche Stratégique
  6. OR-DES project (2014-2015)
    Topic : Robust optimization : challenges and new scientific perspectives
    Financial support : Champagne-Ardenne Region, Troyes
  7. Excellence international co-tutelle project with UFMG in Brazil (2014-2015)
    Topic : Exact and heuristic algorithms for solving robust optimisation problems. Financial support : Campus France
  8. Essaimage Project METHODI (2012-2015)
    Topic : Robust optimization approaches for Vehicles Routing Problems with uncertain travelling time and demands
    Financial support : Champagne-Ardenne Region, Troyes
  9. Incentive project TOAST (2013-2014) : video
    Topic : Tactical optimization strategies to adapt urban transportation networks. Financial support : DRRT, Délégations Régionales à la Recherche et à la Technologie
  10. Exploratory project UMR STMR (2011)
    Topic : Generalized Vehicle Routing problems in case of disasters
    Financial support : Exploratory project STMR

Emblematic project of the UTT energy transition : video